Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Corsi "Con"

Well! you must be the envy of the entire literary community. Imagine little "Jerome" getting the heads up on all those stuffy Pulitzer prize winning journalists like Schmidt, Grimaldi and Jeff Smith. Oh, surely you had an inside track on this one. Must have been an old fraternity brother of Barack Obama. Perhaps you attended Harvard together. But let's face it, kudos to you Jerome. Really, we are all so envious of all the time you got to spent with Barack and his family, the Sunday night dinners, maybe an interview or two with Michelle and the girls. Alright I admit it I'm green with jealousy. Did you hop on your plane and go to Hawaii to see his grandparents, Madelyn and Stanley Dunham? Of course they told you all the wonderful qualities of the Senator of which so many found their way into your book. Grandparents are like that, yea they are. I don't envy you all the long, grueling hours you must have spent in the Library of Congress getting all those important details correct with the proper sources attached. For me I especially loved the chapter you dedicated to Barack's grandfather, a Kansas oil worker who, after the Pearl Harbour attack, march across Europe with Patton's Army. Because of your own heroic military career we all know how much you wanted to honor a fellow Veteran. Of course your many trips to Kenya to see where Barack's father was born and raised, and your trips to Jakarta to visit the school where Barack started his education, convinced me that your depiction of the Senator from Illinois would be a truly objective and fair. I know you spent hundreds of hours interviewing those lower income families from south Chicago, where Barack worked as a community organizer. We only HOPE you didn't have to go it alone. It must have been a bit easier for you interviewing the law firm of Miner, Barhill and Galland, where Barack practiced civil law. I'm sure many of Barack's students came forward to testify on his behalf from the University of Chicago Law School.
We all know how much you wanted to debunk the lies spread by Fox Fake News that Barack went to a Madrassa and was a Muslim. All America knows of your unfavorable views on the lies spread by Hannity, O'Reilly, Ann Coulter and the like. I understand Jerome, I may call you Jerome might-en I, that it is very smart of you to keep your so-called Fox Friends close. You cunning old fox you, keeping an eye on your enemies while pretending they are your friends.
Just be very careful of the old fellow Murdock, I hear he more than likes Obama. Don't want to get on that guy's hit list now, do we?
Listen Jerome, I know that your book debuted at # 1 and well gee isn't that just super, but don't be too concerned about the rumors. What rumors? Well it seems that "someone" has been buying your book in bulk form and storing it in warehouses all across the country. Now whether it is a Republican who thinks this book will do more harm than good, since the reviews have been lukewarm at best or it could be someone who is giving it out as free door prizes. I bet I know the truth, it's probably those lower income families on the south side of Chicago, who plan on using it for firewood this winter, since the cost of oil is sky high since Bush/McCain and the Republicans have been running the country.....never mind little Jerome it's the attempt that counts.

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