Wednesday, September 24, 2008

FOX Reporter Incites Civil Unrest

Why does FOX news have Sean Hannity on its programing leading a barrage of false allegations against Barack Obama a black candidate? The answer is very simple....Sean Hannity is a bigot, and the worst kind of bigot there is. Fox News (Rupert Murdock) has allowed Sean Hannity a format to invited other racists on his show and let them incite other white supremacists to rally the old boys network into action. Sean Hannity has been a friend of Harold (Nat) Turner for many years and has had Turner on his show many times. Harold (Nat) Turner is working in the open to unite these groups and encourage ACTION against all Blacks, Jews, Immigrants. This week when racist's fliers were delivered to the neighborhood of Roxbury, NJ. nobody doubted who was behind them.
The fliers left on driveways in a neatly packaged plastic envelope and distributed by a group named the League of American Patriots, with a Butler mailing address, questioned, "Do You Want A Black President?" and stated "Black Ruled Nations most unstable and violent in the world."

"Why should we seal our fate by allowing a black ruler to destroy us?" asked the flier, which also detailed what it contended to be a series of facts on black unemployment, poverty, HIV and crime rates, while pointing out the woes of a couple of predominantly black-populated countries.
Attempts to reach the League of American Patriots, by telephone and e-mail, were unsuccessful yesterday. There were no names of group leaders or organizers on the flier or the group's website. The group is "committed to restoring America to the principles upon which it was founded. First and foremost is halting the rapid demographic decline of the European peoples in our homeland," according to the website. League members attended an immigration reform rally in Lakewood in May and what was billed as an anti-Mexican rally in Shenandoah, Pa., in August, according to the site.

Statement made by Harold (Nat) Turner

I decided in early July 2008 that I would end my show because the time for talking is over. The time for action is here.
Instead of telegraphing my thoughts in public, I now move to the shadows with my brethren to take sudden, dramatic, irreversible, direct action.
Let us be like surgeons; carving out the cultural, religious, social and political cancer which is killing our nation.
Let us enjoy the hunt as we make trophies of "men" who are little more than beasts infesting urban Serengeti's that used to be our cities.

It is time once again for Whites to rule the night.

Does this nation want to return to the times when we witnessed the assignations of President John Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy. If you don't then it's time to muzzle the likes of Sean Hannity, Harold (Nat) Turner and the League of American Patriots. Muzzling does not mean taking away their free speech, it means not given them air time to spew their racist's hate speech.
You are not without a voice.

Write to Fox news: ......tell Rupert Murdock is time to stop Sean Hannity and his racists remarks. Do it NOW. Do it before something terrible happens.

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Anonymous said...

Just read about this today, thank you for giving us a link to write to FOX. I can't understand for the life of me how this ??, Hannity,(there are no words to describe this "reporter"), stays on the air.
I suppose it is the same reason Rush Limbaugh still has a radio program. At least they took Rush off TV.
Martha, CFO