Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hooks and Crooks

An indictment on seven criminal charges was filed today against Senator Ted (I didn't do it) Stevens. Senator Stevens became a Utube wonder last year when he described the Internet as being a series of tubes. "Uncle Teddy" has been charges with illegal gift taking, lying to authorities . These felonies could actually result in prison time if convicted.

But don't feel too sorry for the old boy because he will have oodles of buddies in prison to help pass the time. US Congressman Rick Renzi, who just happens to be Senator John McCain's campaign manager in Arizona, is being charged with money laundering, wire fraud, and extortion. He got caught up in what is known as the Arizona Land Swap......a scandal that even John McCain was investigated for. Now don't get that mixed up with the Keating's Savings and Loan Scandal. That was a totally different scandal that John McCain was involved with. Four Senators and McCain attended meetings of the Federal Home Loan Banking Board on Keating's behalf hoping to find out if Keating, a well known Arizona developer was going to lose his Saving & Loan. Later when the Senate Ethnics Committee investigated the role the five Senators played, McCain excuses himself as being the Senator from Keating's home state Arizona.

Randall "Duke" Cunningham
Ted Stevens might prefer to spent some time with Randall "Duke" Cunningham. The worst of the worst. Old "Dukie Boy" was a sidekick of Jack Abramoff, famous Washington Lobbyist who eventually would take out a handful of Republicans all by himself. Duke from the House of Representatives, California 50th district plead guilty in 2005 to accepting $2.4 million in bribes. He was convicted of mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy and income tax evasion. Duke was sentenced to 8.5 years and ordered to re-pay $1.8 million.

Robert "William" Ney (Bob)
Robert "William" Ney, Catholic, Republican Congressman from Ohio was another side kick of Jack Abramoff. Ney resigned in 2006 after pleading guilty to conspiracy and making false statements to authorities. Ney had already been identified in the guilty pleas of Jack Amramoff, Tony Rudy, chief of staff to Tom Delay, Michael Scanlon, Press Secretary to Tom Delay and Niel Volz, chief of staff to Bob Ney. Congressman Ney would be sentenced to 30 months in prison. Ney, the so called Mayor of Capital Hill gained notoriety when he insisted changing the name of "French Fries" to "Freedom Fries". He was angry over France's refusal to becoming one of Bush's coalition members.

Robert "Alphonso" Taft 11
Robert Taft holds the distinction of being the first Ohio Governor ever to be convicted of a crime. In August of 2005 he pleaded no contest stemming from his failure to disclose gifts and money from paid lobbyists. He was fined $4000 plus court cost. He could have been impeached but remained in office till the end of his term. He was reprimanded by the Ohio Supreme Court and that reprimand remains attached to his license to practice law in the state of Ohio.

Tom Delay
Probably the worst by far is the Hammer....he thought he could do anything he dammed well pleased. Fancied himself the end all to beat all, and all of the Republicans worshipped him (or were afraid of him, take your pick). Re-arranging voting districts of Texas like it was a God given assignment. This guy took so many "presents" from Lobbyists it's hard to keep track. It was only a matter of time before they got him. He intervene into the Schiavo case, calling the removal of a feeding tube barbaric. How many know that Tom Delay did the very same thing to his father. Hypocritical to say the least. He hates Castro but doesn't mind smoking Cuban cigars. One of Tom Delays best friend is Jack Abramoff ....let's not go into that again...Jack is in prison and Tom Delay should follow with any real luck. Tom Delay married K Street and the both of them have been entangled ever since, it's a sick, sick relationship to say the of the reasons why nothing ever gets down in the government. So far he has spent zero time in jail...that's too bad; it is where he belongs. In the same cell as Jackie Boy.

Special Mention must go to the following
1.Scooter Libby Convicted on the Valarie Plame Case....pardoned by the Unpopular Bush
2. Jack Abramoff...from all bad thing flow
3. Kenneth Lay...died before sentencing...millions lost all their savings because of him (Enron)

Character Humiliation
1. Rush shopping for addictive Oxycodone & Hydrocodone...$30,000 should have gone to prison.
2. Ted Haggard so called preacher to Bush and practicing Homosexuality and drug user; entered rehab to be to cured of this homosexuality.
3. Mark Foley, Congressman who preyed on congressional pages.
4. Larry Graig. Senator from Idaho pleaded guilty to sexual charges.

In the Future we might see
1. Paul Wolfowitz brought up on charges
2. Alberto Gonzales
3. Karl Rove
4. Donald Rumsfeld
More than likely on incompetence or at the very least failure to do their duty to the America.

In the coming years we may see many, many more individual brought before justice.

When the American people vote for their next President don't be afraid of change. Change means growth; and growth is good. Forget all the smears you hear, forget all the commercials, listen to the words when a candidate speaks them. These are the words that come from the heart. If a candidate reads a teleprompter, these are not words coming from their heart, they are coming from another's pen. May God grant you the wisdom to choose the person who will best unite this country, it has been divided for such a long, long time. The most important thing you may ever do in your life time is to choose a President that will be good for your children....we owe them that. When you go into that booth your last thoughts should not be of party, loyalty, past relationships, it should be of what is best for your children.

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