Monday, July 28, 2008

The Word According to McCain

Dateline: May 16th, 2008 John McCain is a guest on Fox News Hannity Show. McCain states he would only cut taxes and would never, never raise taxes. Hannity asked McCain "NEVER", and McCain replies "NEVER"

Dateline: July 7th, 2008
John McCain at a Denver Town hall Meeting. Senator Obama will raise all your taxes, but I promise you my friends, I will never, never raise your taxes. My friends, I promise you this.

Dateline: July 29, 2008 McCain changes his mind (flip-flops) so to speak and announces that he will raise payroll taxes on Social Security, despite the angry rebukes from his own Republican Colleagues.

OK, let's not panic, stay calm, breath. The possibilities are as follows.

1. He lied to Hannity at Fox News.

2. He didn't remember what he told Hannity.

3. He didn't want Denver to know he was raising the payroll tax.

4. He knew his fellow GOP would be _issed.

5. He knows the people will be pis_ed.

Dateline: January 4, 2008. Derry, New Hampshire Town Hall Meeting

Question. Bush says 50 years in Iraq, true?

McCain. Make that a hundred. Look we been in Korea 50 years. And in

Japan for sixty years, so why not 100 years in Iraq.

Dateline: January 25, 2008 CNN interview: Situation Room

Wolf Blitzer: The Iraq government has embraced Obama's time table of 16 months.

McCain: Malki says it's a pretty good time table. He then added "it's a pretty good time table based on ground conditions.

What did He say?

John McCain just went from 100 years to 16 month, based on ground conditions.

Let's take stock here.

According the videos posted at the beginning of the article.

John has flip- flopped on Gay Marriage, Ethanol, No Taxes Increases, Iraq War Time line. We know if elected the Republicans will not improve Veteran's Benefits, Health Care will fall by the wayside, Education will continued to flounder, Infrastructure will continue to deteriorate, the rich will again get the tax breaks, the middle class will not. Jobs will continue to leave the United States for Columbia and Mexico because of unprotected Free Trade Agreements, Our Seniors will continue to suffer and our economy will stay in the toilet right where President Bush put it.

Don't you just love politics.

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